Future Halo novels to be set after the events of Halo 3

Tor Books has announced more Halo novels. Yay reading! Karen Traviss will be penning the new adventures in a multi-book deal that will explore the events of the Halo universe after Halo 3 starting with the aftermath of the events that took place in Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

Karen is no stranger to the Halo books as she wrote the short story “Human Weakness” for Halo: Evolutions. Plus she’s also responsible for writing bestselling novels set in the Star Wars and Gears of War universes.

As a Halo fanboy, I’m looking forward to the new books. I loved the first few but the last couple (Halo: Contact Harvest and Halo: The Cole Protocol) were pretty bad as they were about people that didn’t really matter. More focus on the Spartans, please!

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