Furries, mechs, and an octopus lady in Xenoblade Chronicles X


A fresh new trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles X can be seen above that looks more like Gundam and Metal Gear Solid to me than a JRPG. I couldn’t quite decipher what is going on in the above trailer, but I’m just happy that there is a very lazy cat in it. The octopus-for-a-head lady looks pretty cool, and I’m assuming she is evil as all octopus women seem to be

Is it just me or does this trailer look like a completely different game when compared to the exploration trailer that released some time ago? I suppose we will find out if the game is worth the hype when it releases in Japan a week from today. Xenoblade Chronicles X is scheduled for release exclusively on Wii U sometime in 2015 for America and Europe. 

Jed Whitaker