Furi isn’t flawless on Switch but it’s still darn good

Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak

A few minutes into Furi‘s new Nintendo Switch port and all the moments of pain, satisfaction, and calming relief came rushing back to me. The Game Bakers’ hybrid melee action and twin-stick shooting game has made the transition about as well as I’d hoped — and my ability to recognize tells and parry attacks isn’t quite as sad as expected given how totally out of practice I am.

The idea of a boss-rush adventure in which you’ve got all your abilities from moment one still really speaks to me. That foundation is just excellent, and the distinct cast, imaginative floating worlds, adrenaline-inducing synth soundtrack, and surprisingly curious story bolster it further. It’s one of those games that strives to carve out a unique identity for itself and does so in spades.

I found Furi perfectly functional in handheld mode but much preferred playing on a big screen with the better-feeling Pro Controller. A significant portion of the game uses a fairly zoomed-out camera, and it can be a tad hard to clearly make out all the details. On the other hand, Furi isn’t as crisp on a larger display; it’s not an identical-looking port. By the second fight, though, my eyes had adjusted.

I also encountered the occasional hitch during heated boss fights. These hiccups weren’t distracting enough to disrupt my flow, but they were still perceivable all the same. With those graphical and performance quibbles in mind, I’d recommend Furi on other platforms first and foremost — unless you’re geared up to play this as a handheld title, in which case, go for it. You’ll come away happy.

This version includes everything released on other platforms to date including an extra boss, The Flame. At $20, it’s also right in line with the others. I think that’s a fitting price so long as you’re willing to practice, practice, practice. Furi isn’t the type of game you can fumble your way through.

And for all you newcomers, a word of advice: don’t let the sewer boss get you down. He’s a jerk!

[This impressions piece is based on a retail build of the game provided by the publisher.]

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