Funcom confirms console release date for The Park

Will you buy a ticket?

Funcom’s take on the ooh-this-is-a-spooky-abandoned-amusement-park-shall-I-enter-this-terrifying-looking-ghost-train trope The Park will hit current-gen consoles on May 3, 2016. 

The first-person horror game from The Secret World developers – which was originally intended to release on PS4 last week – marks the studio’s first foray onto consoles for a decade.

The horror game is already available on PC. In our review we gave The Park a 6, stating: “If you’re looking for pure horror, maybe go elsewhere. The Park isn’t a “survival” game nor is it going for scares — there’s only one portion that provides that feeling, in fact. Instead, the narrative attempts a more disturbing tone, with realistic and relatable problems told through the veil of a creepy theme park.”

Reception so far has been lukewarm, but I’m still tempted, mainly because this game reads like a Dean Koontz novel and I never recovered from the OMGITSGOINGTOMOVE Robbie the Rabbit costume at the beginning of Silent Hill 3. Am I the only one…?

Funcom’s horror game The Park is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in May [Eurogamer]

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