Full artists line-up for music-puzzler Chime revealed

If you like music, puzzle games, and charity, take note of non-profit publisher OneBigGame’s Chime

Developed by Zoë Mode, the Xbox LIVE Arcade title has players covering up a playing field with shapes to connect sound effects from a background music track. When a rectangular block (called a “Quad”) is formed, the sound effect plays, allowing players to “remix” a song with each play. By covering 100% of the playing field, the entire song can be unlocked.

The title will feature music by a number of artists, all of which have donated the tracks to Zoë Mode pro-bono, including Moby, Philip Glass, Paul Hartnoll of Orbital and more. (The full track list can be found after the jump.) The kicker — all net proceeds from sales of the game will go to a children’s charity. 

Chime hits XBLA this Winter, and definitely had my attention with a Lumines-like look and feel. Check the video above to see what I’m talking about. 



  • Philip Glass – Brazil
  • Markus Schulz – Spilled Cranberries
  • Moby – Ooh Yeah
  • Paul Hartnoll (Orbital) – For Silence
  • Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly) – Disco Ghosts



Nick Chester