Frozen Synapse 2 announced, going open world

Cryogenic Boogaloo

Frozen Synapse took turn-based strategy and upended it with simultaneous action, and to this day there isn’t much else like it (except maybe the American football-esque offshoot Frozen Cortex). There isn’t much to the announcement of Frozen Synapse 2; all we have are the screenshot above, a music track by nervous_testpilot, and the vague description that it will be open world.

That’s the part I have a little trouble wrapping my head around. The original Frozen Synapse was broken into discrete parts, such that each level was its own shooty puzzle to be solved. In an open world, a lot more can go wrong with the formula. It will be interesting to see how developer Mode 7 Games will tackle it. More information should come out in the next few weeks.

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