Frostpunk clears 250K sales, devs pledge free updates and expansions

‘A sandbox/endless mode is on our mind’

This War of Mine developer 11 bit studios is onto something special with Frostpunk, its newly-released “society survival game.” In just over two days, the title passed 250,000 sales, with 11 bit CEO Grzegorz Miechowski confirming post-release support. “Yes, we had plans for the expansions and now we’re 100% sure we are doing that, including many free updates of course!”

The team is currently prioritizing bug fixes and balance tweaks, but it has “A LOT of ideas” for potential updates, including new scenarios and modes, and also wants to hear player suggestions. An endless mode is one such possibility. “Frostpunk is going to grow – all you have to do right now is to wait a little bit. We do plan to release a roadmap for our development plans as soon as we’re ready.”

Our review is in the works, so if you’re on the fence, please look forward to that soon.

Post-release update and a huge THANK YOU! [Steam]

Jordan Devore
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