Front Mission Evolved has robot action, on-foot action

It seems that the near future will be quite the fun time for fans of giant stompy robot action. Sure, a steady stream of Gundam games satisfied some, those who love games where robots fighting is serious business were often left wanting.

Square Enix has placed itself in a good position to fill that niche this spring with Front Mission Evolved, an all-action iteration of the famous Front Mission tactical RPGs. The newest trailer for the game, which you can check out below, brings the drama, where a guy named Dylan needs to be reminded that this is war, dammit.

More than drama, however, the trailer – and its accompanying screenshots – bring a more intriguing, play-related angle to the affair: on-foot combat. I’d certainly love to see that pulled off well. Busting up a room full of dudes with an assault rifle, then stepping into your Wanzer to demolish the building that room was in, would be utterly priceless.

Anyone else excited to see a Front Mission game return to the fore soon? I was burned when they passed on localizing Front Mission 5 back then, but maybe they can make up for it with this.

Front Mission Evolved for Spring [Eurogamer]

Josh Tolentino
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