Front Mission 2: Remake puts on its robot boots for October 5 on Switch

The real thing.

Front Mission 2 Remake Header

Forever Entertainment has announced that they’ve bolted in a firm release date for their Front Mission 2 remake. It will be coming to Switch on October 5.

Front Mission 2 was originally supposed to be released back in June 12, 2023, but was delayed. I took that devastating news with dignity and a stiff upper lip and only cried a lot. At the time, Forever Entertainment said that they wanted an additional window to cram as many features into it as possible.

Originally released on PS1 in 1997, this remake will be the first time that Front Mission 2 has graced our shores. Forever Entertainment is currently in the process of remaking the first three games in the series, but here’s hoping that they don’t stop there.

The first Front Mission was already remade as Front Mission 1st (remake) and released last November. It’s not the greatest game, but I loved the heck out of it and appreciate the effort taken to localize them. Coincidentally, I just bought and started the PC version of it yesterday. One of my complaints about the Switch version was its technical deficiencies, so I’ve been waiting for a good chance to grab a port on a more powerful console.

However, I won’t be waiting when it comes to Front Mission 2. I’ll be grabbing it when it drops on Switch October 5, 2023.

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