Front Mission 2: Remake assembles on Switch June 12

Front Mission 2: Remake

Keep it together

Forever Entertainment has dropped a new trailer for Storm Trident’s Front Mission 2: Remake, and along with it has included a release date of June 12, 2023. It’s currently slated as a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Front Mission 2 was released on Sony’s original PlayStation way back in 1997. Notably, this entry in the series never left Japan. It takes place 12 years after Front Mission 1st, showing a future Bangladesh (renamed Alordesh) as they seek to sever ties from the OCU. The narrative baton is passed between three protagonists as they discover a conspiracy behind the anti-OCU coup d’etat.

The remake boasts new visuals, a free-zoom ability to get right in close to your Wanzers, and a “renewed” soundtrack. Underneath the modern gloss, Front Mission 2 Remake “preserves the mature story, strategic turn-based combat, and Wanzer customization options of the original.”

While the Front Mission 1st: Remake didn’t set my world on fire, it did leave me primed for the sequel. Beyond simply being fun strategy games, I love tinkering with the Wanzers to create the ultimate stompy force. My only previous experience with this series was looking over a roommate’s shoulder as they played through Front Mission 3, so having the ability to experience the series in order has been a welcome one.

Front Mission 2: Remake releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 12, 2023.

Zoey Handley
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