From Software’s Eternal Ring coming to PS4 as a PS2 Classic

One ring to play them all

Sony has announced that From Software’s Eternal Ring will be coming to the PS4 as a PS2 Classic next week for the US.

One of From Software’s earlier works, the first-person action RPG released as a launch title for the PlayStation 2. Players take control of Cain Morgan, a young magician who is sent to investigate the Island of No Return, where the titular Eternal Ring is supposedly located. Along with exploring a hostile island home to mythical creatures, players can make use of magic rings, combining and equipping various gems in order to boost their abilities and utilize magic spells.

The PS2 title received a very lukewarm reception upon launch. Despite having its graphics and innovative mechanics praised at the time, Eternal Ring was criticized for having a rushed-through-development feel to it. Given the critical reception, and how the studio’s reputation has become ‘the Dark Souls and Armored Core guys,’ I’m not surprised it isn’t brought up very often.

That being said, when does the true From Software classic, The Adventures of Cookie & Cream, get to be a PS2 Classic?

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Mike Sounders