From CNN: How the Wii is causing massive damage on the gaming industry

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Feelings aside, the Wii has become something of a phenomenon. Demand is still crazy high for a machine that some hardcore gamers consider obsolete, but kids and kids at heart find the most charming thing this side of anything found on Cute Overload. Business 2.0, via CNN, put together a rather glowing piece on Nintendo and how they have come to dominate the current video game landscape.

Here are some choice quotes:

Today, as anybody within shouting distance of a teenager knows, Nintendo is the comeback kid of the gaming world. Instead of joining Sony and Microsoft in the arms race to pack their consoles with ever-higher-performance graphics chips (to better attract sophisticated gamers), Nintendo built the Wii–a cuddly, low-priced, motion-controlled machine that broke the market wide open by appealing to everyone from grade-schoolers to grandmas.

And my personal favorite:

While the console team worked on the shell, Miyamoto and another team perfected the controller. He was determined that its design be as simple as possible–he insisted on several revisions that enlarged the “A” button to make its importance obvious.

Check out the rest of the piece and give your non-fanboy take. 

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