Frogger is totally returning to PSN, WiiWare this fall

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Finally, the years of handwritten letters and dozens of signatures to your online petition have paid off! Konami has announced that it’ll be releasing Frogger Returns, an update to the arcade classic, this fall for WiiWare and PlayStation Network. 

The game looks to keep core gameplay of the original, updating the graphics, adding new levels, and switching up the camera angle. Frogger Returns also gives our (or someone’s) favorite amphibian power-up abilities, like time reverse and time freeze. So it’s just like Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, right? 

Konami is saying that Frogger Returns is 12 times the size of the original, which isn’t saying much, I’d think. Because like, wasn’t the original Frogger just one level and the only thin that changed was the speed of the obstacles in the road/river? 

In any case, we haven’t had a new Frogger game in something like three years, so act excited, you ingrates! Screenshots are in the gallery; some are for the PSN version, some are for the WiiWare version. I trust you’ll be able to tell them apart.

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