Frog Fractions will survive post-Flash with a Game of the Decade Edition

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Releasing on Steam in ‘mid to late 2020’

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In 2012, all was not what it seemed with the bug-eating edutainment web game Frog Fractions, and depending on which pocket of the internet you lived in, word spread far and wide. It was such a novelty. In 2020, we aren’t caught off guard quite so easily – but the game is still very much worth preserving.

Yesterday, Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition popped up on Steam with a mid-to-late-2020 release in mind. The listing is understandably sparse – the less players know going in, the better but the Steam page does describe this as a remastered native executable of the “classic web game.”

Will it be Frog Fractions exactly like we remember? Will it hide any obscure new surprises?

Either way, this is fantastic news given that Adobe Flash’s days are exceedingly numbered. Twinbeard, the designer of Frog Fractions, cited that ongoing concern as “part of the impetus for this project.”

So many browser-based games have vanished out of sight and mind. I’m glad this isn’t one of them.

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