Frightening Diablo costume made me sh*t myself

There was a video a couple years back of a giant clown scaring the crap out of people in Oregon. It’s creepy, sure, but the elongated neck and stick arms made it a bit comical as well. Now, replace the clown with this Diablo (and the Halloween theme with a God of War track), and I would totally lose it.

Cosplayer Joshua Smith is already set up for next year’s BlizzCon with a costume to celebrate the upcoming Diablo III. Built in two weeks with materials from Walmart, the result is the maw from whence all nightmares reside. Speaking of maw, the costume’s mouth opens and closes properly, which doesn’t seem like it would be impressive, but it is when you’ve got a headpiece that complex.

Take a moment to check out Joshua’s page below to see more stills of the costume. Would anyone else be freaked out if they saw this guy on the street?

Diablo III Costume — Full Body [YouTube]
Diablo 3 Diablo []

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