Friendly reminder: Epileptic Destructoid Day Two; Niero on All Games

The three-day Dtoid-Epileptic Gaming lovefest continues today as the World Famous Robert Summa again graces the EG couch. Did you miss yesterday’s show? No worries, you can watch it here.

Today will be very interesting, to say the least. We have special things planned for ya’ll. Don’t forget you can call in today, as well. So, if you got some Summa hate to spit, I’m all ears.

Catch it here, live at 7 p.m. Eastern, 4 p.m. Pacific.

[Editor’s note: While you’re waiting on The Summa Chronicles to begin, you can listen to Niero on the All Games Interactive pod cast (around the 2:15 hour mark) on the top of Destructoid’s past and present, critical views on the gaming industry, E3 and the aftermath of consumer-friendly events, and how to build your own robot helmet out of air conditioner parts. -Niero]

Robert Summa