Friday Night Fights: Win the Halos edition

With the release of Halo 3 and the new Bomberman Live DLC featuring Destructoid this week, we’ve got a night of non-stop, unadulterated fun ahead of us.

If you’re still lacking in the Xbox 360 department, don’t fret; Warhawk, Motorstorm, Mario Strikers Charged, Universe at War, Team Fortress 2, and Fortress Forever have also made the cut.

Friday Night Fights starts at 10:00 p.m. EST, but most of us regulars will be online long before then. If you are already growing tired of hearing nonsensical rants from the pre-teen Halo fanbase, you won’t want to miss out on FNF.

As always, post your online tag in the comments in addition to the games you’re interested in playing. I highly, highly recommend that you come back to this post a few times tonight to see who’s hosting what.

It’s kind of hard for the hosts to keep track of every last person that posts here — especially the lurkers — so don’t be afraid to message them asking for an invite.


Halo 3

Bomberman Live (with Bomb-up Expansion Pack 1 & 2)

Call of Duty 4 beta (The level cap was raised again! Don’t forget that the beta ends on Sunday)


Warhawk (Also, WarCawks)



Mario Strikers Charged


Universe at War beta (CJP says he’ll kick your ass. His gamertag is “cjpkiller”)

Team Fortress 2 beta (Dtoid Steam community)

Fortress Forever

[Editor’s note: Tonight’s FNF was made possible by bhive01. Won’t someone please give him a cookie?]

Jordan Devore
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