Friday Night Fights: More of the same edition

Even if you’ve missed out on Friday Night Fights up to this point, it’s never to late to jump in on the fun. It’s safe to assume that almost every Xbox 360 owner has Halo 3, so there’s really no excuse to not be a part of FNF, unless you’re one of those antisocial types. But don’t think that we’re just about the 360; PC, PlayStation 3, and Wii gaming is also supported.

Unfamiliar with the setup? All you have to do is post your online tag and which games you are up for playing in the comments. Then, be on the lookout for other commentors that volunteer to host, so that you can meet up with us when Friday Night Fights starts at 10:00 p.m. EST. 


Halo 3

Bomberman Live

Rainbow Six: Vegas





Mario Strikers Charged


Universe at War beta

Team Fortress 2 (Dtoid Steam community)

Fortress Forever

[Editor’s note: Tonight’s FNF was made possible by -D-, bhive01, and someone else that I’m forgetting (I’m sorry!). The C-blog Mafia should be thanked for helping out with everything. These guys know what’s up.]

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