Friday Night Fights: Into the Iris Edition

Friday Night Fights

[Your friendly neighbourhood Mike couldn’t do the FNF this week, so here I am instead! ~ Shade]

So, Overwatch.

It is a game that one can play, and it’s a game that I’ve been playing for the past week or so. You may have noticed.

Now that the launch hype for Overwatch is dying down, we’re starting to see opinions shift a little bit. Few people still think that it’s the greatest thing since satay (which is miles better than sliced bread, don’t lie to me), but most seem to agree that it’s still a fun game in its own right.

I happen to agree! I’ve never been into arena shooters before. I would’ve liked to try Team Fortress 2, but by the time that went free-to-play there was already such a large vested userbase that it seemed difficult to jump into as a newby. With Overwatch I got a fresh start, right alongside everyone else.

This has turned out well so far. I’m not going to claim that I’m God’s gift to Overwatching, but I like to think that if I pick a character that suits me I can contribute a great deal. Some of you have already played alongside me, so call me out on my bullshit if you think I’m wrong.

Support roles suit me best, so come and join me if you want my golden healing stream up your backside!

– ShadeOfLight

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Overwatch or Doom (PS4)
Host: Mike Martin
Notes: ask Mike about the details!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PS4)
Host: The Defenestrator
PSN ID: ThDefenestrator

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4)
Host: The Defenestrator
PSN ID: ThDefenestrator

Overwatch (Xbox One)
Host: Corduroy Turtle
GT: Corduroy Turtle

Overwatch (PC)
3PM EDT, Noon PDT (8PM UCT+1)
Host: ShadeOfLight ShadeOfLight#2402

We have an Overwatch system bingo!

There is no Overwatch on WiiU (WiiU)
Maybe on NX but probably not UCT+1
Host: ShadeOfLight
NNID: ShadeOfLight

There’s probably still some Overwatch going on here
Whenever it suits me UCT+1
Host: ShadeOfLight ShadeOfLight#2402

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Mike Martin