Friday Night Fights: Halo 3 isn’t out yet edition

Since Halo 3 isn’t supposed to be out yet, this edition of Friday Night Fights will feature the same games as last week for the most part. Trust us though — that’s definitely not a bad thing. In case “10:00 p.m. EST” hasn’t already been burned into your memory, that’s when FNF is going to start.

Tonight will hopefully be an improvement though, because PC gaming is now supported! That’s right PC gamers, so long as you have a few Steam games and are able to work Ventrilo, you can join in on the madness.

Here’s the super-short rundown, noobies: post the games you’d like to play as well as your gamertag/friend code/whatever in the comments. Also, if you would like to host a game, don’t hesitate to say so.


Call of Duty 4 beta

Gears of War

Aegis Wing

Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD

Bomberman Live


Warhawk: info on the Destructoid clan can be found right here

Bhive01 says:

We’re also trying to start up Wednesday Night Warhawk since the game is new and there are a lot of Dtoiders on it. Let us know in the comments if you’re at all interested in participating. 


Mario Strikers Charged

Seriously developers, release more f***ing online-enabled Wii games already.


Metroid Prime Hunters


Planet Puzzle League


Monster Hunter Freedom 2

ZOMG a PSP game in Friday Night Fights!?!? No wai!!!


It looks like you’ll need Steam and Ventrilo to play with the big boys. Go here for the deets.

[Editor’s note: Tonight’s FNF was made possible by D (he created the kick ass banners), bhive, Yashoki, Eschatos, and slew of other furries that shall remain nameless for their own protection. Without you guys, this would not be possible.]

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