Friday Night Fights: Call of Duty 4 beta edition

Pack up your single player games and get ready for an evening of online multiplayer goodness, for Friday Night Fights starts tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST. If you can’t wait that long or already have plans to go out partying late into the night, some of us will be online earlier than 10:00, so feel free to jump in at any time.

Thanks to Bhive01, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to participate tonight. While the majority of us will be playing Xbox 360, PC/DS/Wii gamers are also encouraged to hook up with each other via this post or by way of carrier pigeon. More details can be found after the break.

Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4 beta (Savant or I will be hosting, GTs: “x MikeZilla x” & “warchiefgrim”)
Rainbow Six: Vegas

(Snaileb will be hosting, GT: “Snaileb”)

Gears of War

Xbox Live Arcade

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


Masterledz will be hosting, GT: “MasterLedZ”)

Bomberman Live


PlayStation 3 (Bhive is in charge of PS3-related nonsense for tonight) 

(Hosting from 8-10ish Eastern: Central server Dtoid room)

Motorstorm: I’ll be playing this tonight (PSN:bhive01). If more of you are on Resistance I may join you. Keep an eye out and see what people are playing and try and join in. Don’t be shy. My mic is all busted so I may not say much unless I can pick one up tonight.

Resistance: Fall of Man: I know a lot of you own this. I’ll join you if you start a match and I’m still up.

Warhawk: This just came out and I hear it is the shit when it comes to multiplayer FPS action. Get a group going folks and write a c-blog about your experience. Let us know how good or bad this is.


Pokemon Battle Revolution

Mario Strikers Charged


No one voted for any games on these platforms except for Genki-Jam who says he’s up for Puzzle League or pretty much any online-enabled DS game. PC gamers should check out the Destructoid Steam Group as a means of meeting people. Lastly, if you can’t make it to Friday Night Fights, check out Hoygeit’s blog for info on what we’ll be doing this Monday.

Jordan Devore
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