Friday Night Fights: Be my Prey edition

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We’ve got a whole night of fun ahead of us, folks. We’re whipping out Prey (thank BlindsideDork for the awesome post title), because quite frankly, it has one of the coolest shotguns ever and the equally fun ability to walk on ceilings and walls. Plus, it’s pretty inexpensive as far as Xbox 360 games go.

On top of that, there’s also going to be Call of Duty 4, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Warhawk, Team Fortress 2, and more!

Friday Night Fights starts at 10:00 p.m. EST, but if you’ve got nothing better to do (trust us, you don’t) then start up your gaming system of choice and check the comments section of this post to find people to play against.

Take a quick glance at the games below and post your gamertag/PSN ID/friend code in the comments.



Rainbow Six: Vegas

Call of Duty 4 beta

Bomberman Live

Aegis Wing


Warhawk (don’t forget about Wednesday Night WarCawks!)



Mario Strikers Charged


World In Conflict (Deus is calling for you)

Team Fortress 2 beta (Dtoid Steam community)

CounterStrike: Source

[Editor’s note: Tonight’s FNF was made possible by BlindsideDork, Bhive01, -D-, and Snaileb aka Snaily B. Thanks for your support as usual, guys!]

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