Friday Comic Intermission: Concerned

Ok, before you all attack me, I know that this comic is dead. Concerned though was an excellent series that I feel should have one last look at. Unlike all the previous comics I have featured, this one is created mostly from Garry’s Mod. As far as the story and plot are concerned (PUN!):

Gordon Frohman arrives on the scene a few weeks before Doctor Gordon Freeman — scientist, hero, anti-citizen, and star of Half-Life and Half-Life 2 — first appears in City 17. Due to the similarity in their names, Frohman is often initially mistaken for the crowbar-wielding Freeman, though due to Frohman’s chatty nature and general incompetence the error is usually sorted out fairly quickly. 

The comic instantly starts off on a funny note which is uncommon in the comic world. There’s always that first few strips where the characters are “trying to figure out” what the hell they are doing. After looking through dozens of comics, it’s very nice too see a fresh spin on it.

The comic parallels the main Half-Life 2 story line and “fills in the gaps” to what’s going on in the background. For instance, they show how the G-man is always able to disapper. We also find out who is always sending Dr. Breen all of those letters. There are just way too many moments of complete hilariousness for me to point out in just this one post. It’s a shame he had to end the comic but hopefully he will come out with a new series soon.

Hamza Aziz