Fresh from the sewers: TMNT PC demo

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Unless you’re like this freak, or not reading Destructoid enough, you may not have heard that Ubisoft is releasing an assload of games for all platforms based on the upcoming March 23rd movie release of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And really, who expected any different?

Well, ‘turtle freak’ or not, you may be interested to know that Ubisoft has made a demo of the PC version available on their Web site. Although it’s a fatty at 220mb, it’s still the easiest way to see what Ubisoft has done with the license.

Should you have the proper PC config (2ghz processor, 3D card, 512mb ram), you’ll be controlling Leo and kicking ass in no time. You can nab the demo here. Hit the jump for a rundown on the controls.

Gameplay Controls

  • Move/Run W,A,S,D or Arrows or Numpad 8,4,6,2
  • Spin Kick Ctrl, X, period
  • Kicking Flurry Hold Spin Kick
  • Weapon Attack Shift, Z, comma
  • Warp Slash Hold Weapon Attack
  • Jump/Double-Jump Space (press twice for double jump)
  • Dodge (Combat Only) C, /, Caps, Enter
  • Leo Special Move C, /, Caps, Enter (near obstacle)
  • Mike Special Move C, /, Caps, Enter (in air)
  • Raph Special Move C, /, Caps, Enter + Direction(against wall)
  • Don Special Move C, /, Caps, Enter (on ground)
  • Ground Punch Shift, Z, comma (in air)
  • Turtle Swap Alt
  • Brother Throw Alt (in air)
  • Super Family Attacks Hold Alt
  • Walling Movement (in air against wall)
  • Safety Roll Movement + Spin Kick (while landing)
  • Evasive Roll (Combat Only) Dodge + Movement
  • Ledge Grab and Run W,A,S,D or Arrows or Numpad 8,4,6,2
  • Ledge Drop Shift, Z, comma
  • Pause Game Esc or Backspace

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