Fresh Berserk Musou screens show some action

Buckets of blood

After officially revealing Berserk Musou last week with a fairly bizarre trailer (that is totally comfortable and safe to view in a public space), Koei Temco has finally shared what I’m really interested in from a Berserk game – scenes of Guts ripping through people like a combine shredder.

Famitsu shared four new screens of the game you can check out in the gallery below. Four shots might not be much, but they are of Guts and Griffith doing what they do best (i.e., putting sharp pieces of metal into other people) so I’ll forgive it. Looks like both Guts and Griffith will be playable characters which is par for the course. Dynasty Warrior games typically include large rosters.

Fans of the anime however will notice that Guts is in his full on “black swordsman” gear while Griffith is still wearing his armor from the glory days of the Band of the Hawk. It’s a safe bet to assume the game’s storyline will hop between points on the Berserk timeline.

I’ve never cared for the Dynasty Warriors games, but damn if the idea of swinging the Dragonslayer around on a crowded battlefield isn’t enough to get me to change my tune. Looking forward to seeing more of this game as it comes along.

『ベルセルク無双』ダークファンタジーマンガの巨頭『ベルセルク』と『無双』シリーズがコラボ [Famitsu]

Nic Rowen