French artist making videogame-themed pasties

You guys know what pasties are, right? They’re the patches strippers and burlesque performers wear over their nipples either due to the local laws regarding nude performance or for artistic effect. Of course, because everything in popular culture must eventually connect to everything else in the universe, someone has produced pasties featuring videogame icons.

That someone is French burlesque dancer, Lady Tornade. She’s made two different pairs of pasties, the above super mushrooms and a pair with Pac-man and Blinky. And they’re for sale, too. A pair of the hand-sequined pasties will run you €30 to €40 (around $40-50 US), while custom jobs start at €60 ($81 US).

Now these would be the perfect accessory if that Wii stripper pole game ever made it to market. Of course, you could always get them as a gift for a special lady in your life anyway. Nothing says, “I love you,” like sequined nipple covers with game icons on them.

Pacman et Mario jusqu’au bout des seins… [Gamalive via Kotaku]

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