FreeStyle Street Basketball; the b-ball MMO you never knew you wanted

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I’ll admit it, I really don’t play MMOs. I’ve never gotten down with WoW or lost my entire family to an Everquest addiction. It’s not that these games aren’t good, it’s just that I’m not that type of gamer. Sorry.

So why am I telling you this? Well, the other day I was being shown some of Sierra Online’s upcoming releases, and during the course of the day I was asked if I wanted to see their PC basketball MMO. Yeah, go ahead and read that sentence again.

As you can imagine, my initial response to the news of a basketball MMO consisted of an “O” followed by “Rly?” But after I sat down and played, my sarcasm was ripped from my body by the force of this games potential.

There will be a free download available for a limited time starting April 19th. Go ahead and check it out and see what you think. I personally foresee this game becoming the new enemy of productivity at your work.

PR jargon after the jump 

FreeStyle Street Basketball

is a fast-paced massively multiplayer online basketball game where players meet on virtual courts to challenge each other in a dynamic pick-up game environment, featuring cutting-edge music, fashions and gravity defying basketball moves.  The game’s easy-to-learn controls allow you to master every move, from simple shots to crazy Alleyoop Dunks, using just four keys.  Lace up your kicks to play 1-on-1, 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 street basketball online against people from around the country.
Massively Multiplayer Online Community – Create a team and play online against friends from all over the country.
Extensive Customization – Change your appearance, gear and clothing using thousands of items to create your own personal style.
No Subscription Fee – Freestyle offers 45 levels of content available 24/7 without recurring monthly charges.
Easy to Play, Hard to Conquer – The controls are very simple (keyboard only) and the game is easy to understand, however mastering the game takes practice.
Accessible – The game have very low system requirements. Players do not need an expensive computer to play the game.
AAA Soundtrack – UMG artists Lloyd Banks, Young Hot Rod and producer Sha Money XL will be creating the soundtrack for the game.
Public Preview – Gamers can register for the free public preview which begins April 19th, 2007 at .

Public Preview Begins April 19, 2007; Retail Ships May 15, 2007

E – Everyone

$19.99 (and $10 in-game credit)

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