Freestyle Games, Red Bull to take gaming to the (twitchy, diuretic) XTREME

Red Bull, the stop-gap solution for all of those wannabe tweakers out there, has decided it wants to dip an unsteady wing into the fertile waters of Lake VideoGameDevelopment. According to Wired’s nubile, younger sister Game|Life, El Rojo Toro has teamed with Freestyle Games, a development group most recently hailed for the gripping, sordid tale of B-Boy (a Shakespearean account of the harrowing life of an urban breakdancer), to develop, and I quote;

… triple A complete original IP experiences. We’re not trying to produce mini-games. The bottom line is they will be innovative, original, next-gen games and they will sell and be successful based on that alone. We’re not trying to short-circuit the process by attaching a name or a brand or a license or personality.

That nugget of marketspeak comes courtesy of Chris Lee, Freestyle’s commercial director.

After the success of Burger King’s trio of titles, it’s not difficult to imagine that other brands would want to get in on those ducats, so you can’t blame Da Bull for trying, but if they actually expect us to believe they’ll be releasing the next Metal Gear Solid, or for that matter, the next Mr. Do’s Castle, they’re going to have to start mixing PCP into those tiny cans of liquid insomnia.

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