Freekscape: Escape From Hell hits PS3/PSP this week

Here’s a neat little game that’s come from nowhere! Sony has just revealed that Freekscape: Escape From Hell is hitting the PlayStation Network this week, and it looks really cool for a mere $4.99!

Freekscape is a cartoony platform game about a demon who finds a magical trident and, as the subtitle suggests, uses it in an attempt to escape from Hell. The trident allows Freek the demon to transform monsters into useful tools such as a pogo stick or cutting machines. The monsters’ transformations will depend on the type of creature they are. 

Freekscape looks like one of a handful of PSP Minis that are actually worth purchasing, especially with Sony considering it good enough to hype itself. It’s available this Thursday and, like all Minis, will be playable on both your PS3 and PSP. 


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