Freedom Planet 2 will finally unleash furry fury September 13

freedom planet 2 release date

Freedom, I will not give you up…

It’s been seven long years since developer GalaxyTrail announced that it was starting work on a funky fresh sequel to its high-speed 2014 platform adventure, Freedom Planet. After years of development and some unwelcome delays, the dev team has finally announced that our furry friends will return to lead the resistance this fall.

“At long last, after many years of hard work, the finish line is in sight!” declared GalaxyTrail on its official Twitter. “We are pleased to announce that Freedom Planet 2 will be officially releasing on Tuesday, September 13th this year! Now that the core game is complete, expect more frequent updates from us as we approach September. We’re almost there!!”

Originally conceived as a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame by designer and GalaxyTrail founder Sabrina DiDuro, Freedom Planet would eventually become its own unique property, seeing a team of cute but spunky heroes caught between international conflict on their home planet of Shuigang. Freedom Planet won over a small but passionate army of fans thanks to its enjoyable platforming action, fun cast of characters, and cool ‘n’ colorful pixel visuals. The sequel was announced on December 25, 2015.

Freedom Planet 2 will see returning heroes Lilac the Dragon, Carol the Wildcat, and Milla the Hound joined by a new playable character, Neera the Frost Knight. The fuzzy friends will embark upon another epic adventure, jam-packed with new baddies to battle, new stages to conquer, and a cast of fresh and familiar faces. With cool visuals and a delightful “Saturday Morning Show” vibe, Freedom Planet 2 already looks pretty tubular — Let’s hope that the wait has been worth it.

Freedom Planet 2 launches September 13 on PC and undisclosed console platforms.

Chris Moyse
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