Freedom Planet 2 is getting a demo in January

With every character

Straight from the horse’s mouth, we’re getting a demo for Freedom Planet 2 very soon.

It’s called “Sample Version,” and will feature every playable character. What started life as a Sonic fangame now has a life of its own, and based on the viewcount of this one-day old trailer, there’s already a decent amount of buzz behind it for a self-published indie release. Plus, it’s only been one year (and a day!) since the sequel was even announced, so getting a demo this quick is pretty badass. If you’re so inclined, it’ll also be available at PAX South on January 27-29.

Freedom Planet 2 is being developed for PC (where the demo will presumably drop), and “Nintendo systems” (probably 3DS and Switch) in the future.

Galaxy Trail [Twitter]

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