Free swag for gamers: Konami RPG Stars site review

Ever wanted to get free stuff just for being a gamer? Well some gaming companies like to create community sites where gamers can get free items based on a point system. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Some of these community sites are well worth the effort to collect the points for items, while others are just a complete waste of time. So let me do the hard work and I’ll tell you which sites are worth your time and which ones aren’t. 

Today I’m reviewing Konami RPG Stars, a community Web site created to promote Konami’s line of role-playing games. Check out the goodies that await after the jump. If you know of any other community sites like Konami RPG Stars, send me the site’s address and I’ll give it a look.

Homepage view

What is the purpose of this community Web site?

Konami RPG Stars is a community site dedicated to all the Konami RPG games. Members can participate in challenges, polls, and quizzes to gain points which they can use to purchase items in the site’s store.

What games is the site currently promoting?

Suikoden V, Lunar Knights, and Lost in the Blue 2 are the main games being promoted right now, but challenges may use previously released Konami games too.

What can members do to gain points?

Konami Stars provides points to the members who read the team message, comment on blog posts, watch videos, complete challenges, take polls, and successfully answer quizzes. Members can also gain points from clicked links posted on their site, new member referrals, and email links. And artistic members can gain even more points by creating banners and AIM icons for Konami Stars as well.

What other activities can I participate in on the site?

Konami Stars has forums and a chat room for the members to converse in, and also has picture galleries posted for members to view pictures from related challenges. All of these galleries allow members to rate and comment each entry just for fun.

Gallery for Vampire Traps Mission



How great is the item selection in the store?

Currently Konami Stars has a great selection of higher point items like a Nintendo DS for 5,000 points and some Konami games at 2,500 points each. But they are slow on renewing the supply of lower point items like books and posters at 500 points and the status achievement items that are given free to members who reach a new status level.

How easy is it to get store items?

Most items require you to just have the required point amount to purchase them, while others require you to have a certain status level only. High point items tend to require members to have both the point amount and a certain status level to order them. Once the requirements are met, all the member has to do is pick the item and fill out the shipping address. Afterwards, members receive an order confirmation email in their inbox and I suggest that all members hold on to that email until your order comes.

Store Items

How is the shipping time for the items?

Shipping is only supposed to take 4-6 weeks, but I found that it can take longer. For example, I received my Suikoden guide book today along with several others who ordered it and most of us ordered them back in October, while the art book orders came to members after only 6 weeks. Orders do get shipped but they may take a while, so be patient.

How often is the site updated?

Konami Stars tend to update their blog, polls and quizzes every 2 to 3 weeks. The store has been updated only once since I joined in September 2006. The challenges can be updated as early as every 2 weeks or as late as every month. Profile points and statuses are updated at the end of each challenge.

Are the missions easy to complete?

To be honest, I have own two Konami games: Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3, and I have still managed to complete nine challenges on the site. Challenges tend to vary from taking or making pictures to writing short essays. Most of them don’t require the members to actual play Konami RPG games to finish the challenge which is great for members who don’t own all the games being promoted on the site.

Current Challenges

Do you suggest signing up for this site?

Definitely, Konami Stars may not be the best site for updates and store items, but they are easy to collect points from and when they do restock the store, it should have some worthwhile items to nab at a low point cost. I got my book for 500 points, which any new member can easily achieve in one day from just commenting on all the past blog posts.

Hit the link to sign-up for Konami RPG Stars.