Free stuff coming to Metal Gear Online this month

Two free, um, things are coming to Metal Gear Online soon. On May 12, you’ll be able to sink your teeth into Race Mission. It’s a new game mode that has two opposing teams carrying around (or protecting) a “GA-KO target” through a variety of checkpoints within a time limit.

The other new thing — a feature called “Patriot” — hits on May 26. Every week Konami will pick a few random players and designate them as a “Patriot.” Patriots will get “exclusive access” to a hand rifle with unlimited ammo until the next ranking update. (Sounds like Patriots won’t be too popular, eh?)

If you’re really curious about these updates, you can get the full details and look at a few images over at the official PlayStation blog.

I’m a little surprised that the SCENE additions, Raiden and Vamp primarily, didn’t break MGO. Players with unlimited ammo, though? Sounds like a mess waiting to happen. What do you guys think?

Brad BradNicholson