Free preview of Fallout: New Vegas comic on iTunes

If you’ve got an iDevice, fire up the iTunes store and download a preview of the upcoming Fallout: New Vegas – All Roads graphic novel. It’s free!

It’s a 12-page sneak preview of the graphic novel which will ship exclusively in the Fallout: New Vegas collector’s edition. Aside from length, the difference is that this is digital, and the one that comes with the collector’s edition can give you paper cuts. All Roads was created with Dark Horse Comics, and written by the upcoming game’s senior designer, Chris Avellone. Artists Jean Diaz, Wellington Alves, and Geof Darrow all help bring the bleak wasteland of New Vegas to life. Bethesda even says the graphic novel will contain “clues to in-games missions for the sharp-eyed reader,” so sharpen those eyes.

Fallout: New Vegas is out on October 19, and it’s the only game this year (I believe) that will let you have sex with robots. Read our most recent preview for more details.

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