Free Modern Warfare 2 night vision goggles

Yep, that’s right. To celebrate the release of the “Stimulus Pack” expansion for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Microsoft and Activision are giving every Xbox Live user a free set of night vision goggles… for their avatars! Just think how adorable they’ll look on your avatar’s cartoonish little head.

Hey, it’s free. No reason not to download it, I guess. And, on a happy side note, if you managed to get suckered into buying this junk for your avatar prior to the start of the promotion, you’re getting a refund for the points you spent so you aren’t getting screwed (by anybody other than yourself) with the purchase.

If you want to queue it up for downloading to your 360, it’s right here for you. If you’re going to hold out, just keep in mind that the promotion ends on April 4th. Wouldn’t want to miss out on this one, now would you?

Free MW2 Night Vision Goggles for your Avatar [Major Nelson]

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