Free Lost Planet maps and updates are coming soon to 360, PC

The good people at Capcom really do love you Lost Planet players, and they’re going to continue proving that with some more free map packs and an update for both versions of the game.

DirectX 10 enhancements for Lost Planet PC will be available as a patch on August 16. If you’re using a DX 10 card, you can look forward to improved depth of field effects, motion blur, and fur shading (comparison shots are in the gallery). A simple chatting system has also been added to the PC version for use in the lobby, in-game, and during the result screen.

The maps “Battleground”, “Lost Technology”, “Ruins”, and “Ice Drop” will all be made free in the form of PC Map Pack #2 on the 16th of this month. On that same day, the “Lost Technology”, “Ruins”, and “Ice Drop” maps will also become free for the Xbox 360 version of Lost Planet. A new 360 patch for player connectivity will be out in the oncoming weeks as well.

Jordan Devore
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