Free LittleBigPlanet pumpkin costume back for the holiday

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Last Halloween, I missed my window of opportunity to download the free, limited-time-only Pumpkin Head mask for LittleBigPlanet. I was so furious, I called up Topher and demanded he come over, log in to his PSN account on my system, and download the mask for me. 

I put it on my Sackboy maybe twice. 

That’s not to say it’s not cute and totally awesome. It is, and here’s the good news: It’s back! Media Molecule has revealed that the Pumpkin Head mask will be available for download this Thursday for the “fabulous price of nothing.” That means free, folks. 

Sure, I’m a bit sad that MediaMolecule didn’t work up a new mask — a werewolf, the mummy… a zombie! But free is free, and now you guys don’t have to bother Topher like I did. 

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