Free internets for you: Sony Japan announces PSP users get free wireless

Free internets, you say? Well, only for Japanese PSP users (and don’t even get me started on how Japan gets all the cool stuff again, I’ve worn that rant out). Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today that they have formed a partnership with FON, the world’s largest global WiFi company, to provide free WiFi internet to PSP owners.

It’s official — I’m seething with jealousy. I bet Japan’s free internet actually works, unlike the American version most commonly found in airports. This new service is called PSP X FON and plans to roll out access points in the region for the free connectivity service. Currently, Japan boasts 44,000 FON spots, although the primary concentration is in Tokyo.

I love the idea of using my PSP for gaming, phone calls and even internet needs on the go. However, I have to admit, a less wholesome idea occurred to me — portable porn. Beware, Japanese residents: the likelihood of finding one of your classmates stowed away in a bathroom stall fapping to tentacle mayonnaise is soon to be higher than ever. Of course, if you live there, you’re probably into that anyway.

[Via — Thanks, Joe]

Colette Bennett