Free Infinite Undiscovery DLC up on Marketplace

Today, Square Enix has tossed out some free DLC for Square Enix’s latest RPG, Infinite Undiscovery. According to Siliconera, the DLC consists of two vouchers that allow players to gain greater access to synthesis items. These items are apparently awesome and can’t be found in the game’s stores.

The DLC comes on the heels of fan outrage with what Namco-Bandai is doing with Tales of Vesperia. Namco is charging for content that allows players to boost their stats and hoard money without actually playing the game. Most RPG guys find this as an atrocity on par with putting fruit in ice cream.

I’m of the mind that DLC like Infinite Undiscovery’s is completely legitimate. Why not offer special items that at least encourages a bit of effort on the player’s part. Of course, the greatest offerings are like Bethesda’s Shivering Isles expansion, though I don’t think Square Enix is willing to put that much more effort in an ill-received game.

Brad BradNicholson