Free God of War track coming to Guitar Hero III for the PS3

Hot on the heels of the first Guitar Hero IV trailer comes this announcement of a new free track making its way to Guitar Hero III for the PlayStation 3. The free track is going to be based on the God of War series and will be out June 5. Not much else is known at this point, as the announcement was tucked away in the latest PlayStation Underground mailing.

It’s about time PS3 owners got something for free, especially since Guitar Hero III owners on the Xbox 360 got the Halo theme for free back in November. Of course, neither of these compare to Rock Band‘s free track from last month.

I’ll be looking forward to this. I’m curious as to what a guitar-focused track based on the God of War series would actually sound like. How about you? 

[Via ShackNews — Image via el-grimlock’s dA

Hamza Aziz