Free downloadable BioShock artbook: Breaking the Mold

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Some of you may remember, many moons ago, that 2K asked the fans what they wanted out of a BioShock collector’s edition. The contents of the special box set that we can look forward to at the end of the month was voted on by we humble gamers, but one thing that didn’t make the cut was an artbook. Fans of drawings need not fret though, for an online version has kindly and lovingly been made available to download now from the BioShock website, and can be nabbed for nada right here.

Provided as zipped PDF files in both hi-res and low-res versions, BioShock: Breaking The Mold is an excellent freebie that should be snapped up by anyone excited for the game (and that’s a lot of you). Check out some of the ghastly imagery on display and the artistic evolution of one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year. This comes highly recommended — just don’t read the foreword if you’re scared of spoilers.

[Thanks Action Bastard!]

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