Free DLC and patches for BioShock out next week

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BioShock will be getting some patches to fix some of the bugs for both Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. The patch will also address that whole widescreen “issue” people were making a big stink over too. Not only that, but some free downloadable content will be coming out next week as well. There will be new plasmids and a way to disable Vita-Chambers among the DLC. A full list of all the patches will be listed on the Cult of Rapture Web site once the DLC is ready to go.  

Jim already asked you all this when the DLC was first announced back in October, but I’ll go ahead and ask it again: Will you want to replay the game just because of the new Plasmids and the other small things they’re giving away? 

[Via Fragland — Image via IonToon’s Deviant — Thanks, Aerox!] 

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