Free demo alert: Hot Shots Tennis (PS2)

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The Hot Shots series has always been good for a few laughs and the occassional first date. This summer, the series is coming off of the green and hopping onto the clay with Hot Shots Tennis for the PlayStation 2.

Are you sold yet? Yeah, me neither. But free demos are nothing to scoff at, and at least it shows that Sony are confident enough in their product to give away a taste (read: they’re drug peddlers).

Receiving a demo couldn’t be easier. Head on over to the official site and click on the small tennis ball that’s visible on the center of the screen. I’d guess that supplies are limited, and maybe Sony will even be drawing names out of a hat to see who’s lucky enough to receive a free coaster … I mean, uh, demo.

(Pro tip: For fun, annoy the crap out of your wife/roommates/parents by turning up your PC speakers extra loud when loading the Hot Shots Tennis Web site. Extra points for reloading it over and over again until you get evicted from your apartment.)

[Thanks Mr. Wiggles!]

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