Free crap knife for The Saboteur with pre-order

Up until Velvet Assassin was released and we started hearing about how the game essentially lacked the fun factor completely, I kept getting it confused with The Saboteur for whatever reason. But now, I have something else to differentiate the two games: The Saboteur is the one that comes with a knife as a pre-order bonus.

So, a knife. It must look pretty cool as an in-game weapon, right? I mean, they’re trying to get us to reserve the game, so the item has to be a good incentive, doesn’t it? Well, here’s the thing — this exclusive knife is nothing more than a Nazi knife, “stolen from your enemies.”

Does this mean when you kill a Nazi in The Saboteur, you won’t be able to pry the knife away from his cold, dead fingers? Sure, I’ll suspend my disbelief when it comes to giant worms and what have you, but this? This is ridiculous.

Jordan Devore
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