Free copy of Far Cry 2? Something’s phishy about that …

Nothing in life is free, unless you’re talking about Jury service and the Ebola virus. While this is a commonly accepted truth, human logic is almost always overridden by the promise of a freebie. If you’re tempted to override that logic for the free copy of Far Cry 2 being “gifted” on Steam, then think again. It’s all bollocks.

A new phishing scheme has been unleashed upon Steam users, offering a “free gift” of Ubisoft’s first person shooter in exchange for you logging into a fake Steam community site and unwittingly handing all your information over to the wankers behind the curtain.

If you get mail from [email protected] telling you that you’ve been gifted a free game from Valve, you don’t need me to tell you that it should be printed out and used to wipe your arse. It’s typical anti-phish 101 — don’t put any login information on any site clicked through from an unsolicited email. That should keep you pretty safe. 

Valve support won’t ever ask for your account information, and you should recognize the official Steam community URL as Anything that deviates from the address is rubbish. 

Oh, and the biggest clue of all — not even Valve is this generous.

Jim Sterling