Free App of the Day: Red Conquest and Rayman 2

We don’t usually do this but screw the rules. Today you get not one free App, but two! I’d already written our FAotD post before Sagatron emailed to let us know of another. So today you get Red Conquest! and Rayman 2: The Great Escape!

Rayman 2 is a classic platformer and has gone free as part of GameLoft’s big Christmas countdown promotion. Gameloft is really good at repurposing console games for the iPhone so it’s a guaranteed win. 

Red Conquest! is an RTS game with great visuals and an interesting story. These lads worked on Fastar! so you know you’re getting a well crafted game.

Two games for the price of nothing! Aren’t you a right load of lucky chimps?

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Jim Sterling