Free App of the Day: Mechanic Panic

iPhone game Mechanic Panic is free from July 20th to July 22nd, and you should grab it as soon as possible. I’ve mentioned the game and its last major update in some of the Weekend Mobile roundups before, and it’s a hugely entertaining little game that was only made better by the updates.

In Mechanic Panic, you tap to jump a mechanic from wall to wall up an elevator shaft. On the way up, you get bonus points for grabbing and saving falling employees in mid-air while evading falling debris. The walls are littered with different hazards like you’ll probably know from similar games of this type. Some will explode after a few seconds, some will shock and incapacitate you, etc.

Occasionally you can jump to catch a ride on an elevator that is being blasted upwards, but you’ll always have to watch out you won’t get smashed by falling things on the speedy way up. It’s a very addictive game that you can play for a minute here and there, making it perfect for mobile gaming. It was well worth its initial price already, but now that it’s free you shouldn’t miss out on it.

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