Free App of the Day: Daredevil Dave:Motorcycle Stuntman!

Quite a few readers were especially keen to point out that this game is free, and if the readers like it, it has to be good! Daredevil Dave: Motorcyle Stuntman! has been free for a while, and it’s worth picking up, so make sure you add it to your download queue if you haven’t already. 

Like all good games on iTunes, Daredevil Dave is pretty simple but difficult to stop playing. The first part of the game is to set a ramp over a dangerous jump, and the second part is to driving over the jump, making sure to hit your ramp at the right speed. Fail, and you’re treated to a view of Dave crashing in physics-flavored pain. That’s about it. 

Pretty decent and fun little title. Your time would be spent well in at least checking it out. 

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