FPS trainer teaches you to shoot, mouse ‘n keyboard style

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PC shooter fans have always crowed about how much more precise playing first-person games can be playing with a mouse and keyboard rather than a controller. Point at a dude, click, dude dies. Simple, right? Apparently not so, for many young console bucks raised suckling the twin sticks.

That’s where FPS Trainer comes in. It’s a browser-based FPS whose objective is “…for players to rapidly improve their FPS skills based on sound training principles, in order to become more competitive at any online multiplayer FPS, such as Quake Live, Halo and Call of Duty. Skills will be directly transferable from our game to other FPS’s.”

A noble goal indeed, though I can’t help but question its necessity, given the fact that the PC isn’t the dominant platform for first-person shooting development.

Then again, I could probably use some of those skills. I almost never play FPS games on consoles (barring exclusives like Killzone 3), and I still don’t know how to properly rocket jump or do that weird side-to-side flying thing in Quake Live.

Go check it out here.

Shooter Tutor: FPS Trainer [Rock Paper Shotgun]

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