Fox News murders children, drinks their blood

It seems that Fox News is up to its old tricks again. I thought I was imagining the idea of Fox going out of its way to attack videogaming, but headline after headline is proving otherwise, as Fox takes another news story and slaps a sensationalist, game hatin’ title on it.

Fox uses the story of a young couple who let their infant son starve to death to promote the headline “Video gamers leave child to die.” While it’s true the parents played games during the eight day period in which the child died, they also ate and watched TV. They probably went to the toilet too, but there’s nothing about “Sh*tters and p*ssers leave child to die.” It’s all about the games, from Fox’s sacrificial altar.

The front page headline isn’t up now, with only the tamer, proper headline of “Parents of Baby Left Alone in Car Seat for 8 Days Face Murder Charges” visible in the actual article. Kotaku took a handy screengrab of the stupid frontpage line, however.

So, since these parents watched television, and Fox News is a television network, that justifies the headline you see for this article — and if you disagree with me, I have “studies” from “scientists” that prove me right (you cannot see the studies). Fox News murdered every child in the world and drank its blood. I saw Fox do it, and Fox looked at me. They’re all pedophiles too, I heard.

[Thanks, Pablo]

Jim Sterling